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Peru Adventure Travel in 2020: the Ultimate in History, Treks, and Whitewater!

Bio Bio Expeditions enjoys a long, diverse and exhilarating history in Peru, offering the ultimate in Peru adventure vacations.

The turn of the decade is almost upon us and we know there’s nothing better way to celebrate the turning of a new page than with an extraordinary adventure – memories to last a lifetime and a reinvigorated spirit as you head back to your everyday life.

One of the most remarkable locales that Bio Bio has the pleasure to host trips is the varied and magical country of Peru.

In the 20 plus years that we’ve been running rivers and treks in Peru, we are proud of the fact that our Peru adventure travel vacations have received a variety of accolades – we’ve been featured in National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Archaeology and National Geographic Traveler. In 2000, we ran the first commercial descent of the Cotahuasi River – an adventure featured in Outside Magazine. 

Peru is considered to be “megadiverse”, with habitats that range from the peaks of the Andes extending from the north to the southeast of the country to the arid plains of the Pacific coastal region in the west to the tropical Amazon Basin rainforest in the east and the iconic Amazon river.

There is so much to be enjoyed in this beautiful South American nation and we are proud to have designed a variety of experiences and excursions that take in the best of it. For example, our awesome Peru adventure vacations – Machu Picchu: trekking the Inca Trail, or the lesser-known Ancascocha or Salcantay trails, and rafting on the Cotahuasi River.

All of them offer the experience of a lifetime – combining incredible outdoor adventure with epic history and culture.

As with all who visit, we fell in love with the cultural, historical, and, of course, the natural wonders. We delighted in exploring this varied and diverse nation, and, in doing so, had the extra good fortune to become acquainted with the Vellutino brothers – one of Peru’s “first families” of adventure. The brothers went on to start Terra Explorer, our sister company.

A band of truly adventurous souls, these brothers were some of the first to kayak the whitewater of Peru and have explored almost every waterway and trail in their native homeland.

It is the close and warm relationships we have nurtured with our hard-working and fun-loving Peruvian “compadres” that makes our Peru adventure travel trips so very unique, authentic, and truly memorable. It’s these valuable relationships that set us apart from other adventure travel companies.

Through our collaboration with the Vellutinos, we have worked hard to combine the best of Peru’s natural treasures and the variety of outdoor activities and excursions into an irresistible selection of multi-sport adventures. All with luxurious touches, our Peru adventures are designed not only to exceed your expectations but to be a highlight in your life of adventure travel.

Your Peruvian home away from home

Peru Adventure Travel with Bio Bio

Every day on a Bio Bio Peru adventure is a remarkable combination of culture, history, and outdoor experience. With a touch of luxury of course. While in Peruvian towns, such as in Arequipa or Cuzco, we overnight in beautiful, comfortable, centrally located local hotels and enjoy meals at delicious authentic restaurants serving fresh, modern interpretations of traditional Peruvian fare.

As we travel downstream or hike the ancient Inca trails, we build nomadic camps – incredibly comfortable with spectacular views and superb camp cuisine! We pull out all stops to offer you all the comforts and best food available as we explore some of the most remarkable landscapes and history on the planet.

For your comfort, our Peru treks include a Mountain Hardware space station for dining – set with tables and chairs – and hot water is delivered to your tent every morning for washing. Our meals on the trail include a happy hour, delicious hot entrees, and delectable desserts.

We are proud to boast some of the world’s best white water rafting and kayaking guides.  On the river and on the trail, your safety is our number one priority at Bio Bio Expeditions!  All our adventure travel trips include Peruvian guides who will educate you on their amazing country, entertain you with stories, songs, and Peruvian lore, and keep you safe!

As with Chile, Peru is a delightful “home away from home” where we are welcomed with open arms, privileged to share Peru’s best-kept secrets and treasures with you.

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime in 2020? Choose from one of our exceptional and truly memorable Peru adventures!

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