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Adventure Travel of Your Dreams: Zambezi Rafting and Safari

Our Zambezi rafting and safari combination adventure will spoil you for any other travel adventure – wild rapids and amazing sights.

If you’re looking for a fabulous international adventure this year, there’s nothing like an African safari to provide you with memories and stories to last a lifetime – add Zambezi rafting to the itinerary and you’ve got a trip like no other!

We encourage you to join us – follow in the footsteps of Stanley Livingstone. From your first dip into the Devil’s pool overlooking the Victoria Falls through to the huge rapids of the world-class Zambezi, your Africa whitewater adventure is a once in a lifetime journey you’ll never forget.

Bio Bio Expeditions returns to the Zambezi River almost every year – for good reason! Considered the “wildest one-day whitewater runs in the World” the it is highly regarded as one of the top ten paddling rivers on the planet. The quintessential African river, it offers a scenic and immensely memorable meander from Angola to the Indian ocean, flowing between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa.

Bio Bio Expeditions co-owners Marc and Laurence spent three seasons working as full-time guides on the Zambezi River over 30 years ago. Since then, combined, the men have logged over 300 descents of this mighty stretch of water. As members of the competitive rafting team, Team California, they returned frequently to compete on the Zambezi in an international whitewater competition and, throughout the years, forged lifelong friendships and partnerships with many local Africans.

Fundamental to the Bio Bio experience in this part of the world, they rely upon those strong, long-standing relationships to help make our Zambezi rafting adventure vacations so magical.

There are few rivers anywhere with the huge white water combined with fun as the warm and friendly waters of the mighty Zambezi.  August through October on the river are the best months to see the wild game and experience the best of the Zambezi. The dry season, a remarkable host of animals come down to the banks of the river to drink, swim and frolic in the shallows.

We drift and paddle peacefully amongst the animals, enjoying an experience that is simply raw, unfiltered nature. The surrounding “bush” has been either eaten or has died down, so seeing the animals is quite easy. As opposed to the rainy or wet season when the fresh, green foliage is so dense, that the animals are easily able to hide in the thicket or scatter to drinking holes hidden far away from the dirt trails we travel.

We visit Zimbabwe and Botswana on our journey, exploring the many facets of the Zambezi watershed in the region. There is a rich history of preservation and viewing game in this uniquely African grassland terrain. Botswana boasts a highly developed and protected national park system which has allowed the wildlife to thrive. The elephant herds of Botswana and Zimbabwe are among the largest and most protected of Africa. Game viewing in this area is exceptional, and you’ll not be overwhelmed by the mass tourism often encountered in East Africa.

We are excited to share this unique and magnificent once-in-a-lifetime adventure with you. Your dreams of Africa await!

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