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5 Reasons Your Next Trip Should Include a Travel Guide

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Choosing a trip that includes a travel guide could save you time, stress, and money – the best vacation you’ll ever have!

While exciting, planning your dream adventure can be overwhelming. Vacation planning, particularly when there’s excursions, activities, and adventures to be had, is often a time-consuming and stressful undertaking. You want to make sure you’ve crossed all your Ts and dotted the Is to ensure that your travel is safe and secure, doesn’t go over budget, and is, most of all, fun.

To help you get the most out of your travels and your budget, plan your next vacation with a travel guide, or a guided tour company.  Let experienced professionals manage all the moving parts! You get to enjoy all the wonder and joy of travel without the headache of planning – issues of safety, navigating language barriers, and all the other variables of travelling abroad.

But, before you start envisioning your typical tour guide barking out boring facts from the front of a crowded bus full of sweaty tourists, there are alternatives – like Bio Bio Expeditions – offering authentic, experiential guided trips to all corners of the globe.

Even experienced travellers who prefer independent exploration as they travel find that guided trips, especially when you have a short amount of time and don’t know your way around, can be the best way to really maximize and enjoy your time in any given destination.

There’s no right or wrong way to travel to and in a new region of the world, but your travel success and enjoyment depend on a few factors:

  • Your budget
  • The amount of time you have
  • What you want to see and do

A quality guided tour company can work with all of the above.

The best travel guides will offer locations and itineraries that have been tried and tested to provide you with the best experience possible. Any tour company worth their salt will have spent years cultivating partner relationships in all of their offered destinations to help provide you with an unforgettable adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

A travel guide can show you the way

When you travel solo, it’s entirely your responsibility to find accommodation, get there, find food and drink, find the highlights and sightseeing, and make sure you get the best from your destination.

On a guided tour, your expert guide takes on the responsibility of where you’re going, how you’ll get there, and share all the wonderful facts and details about everything you’ll see along the way – one of the highlights about travelling with a quality travel guide.

When you travel alone, in a country where you don’t speak the language, there’s no one to ask the deluge of questions you might have. On a tour, no matter how silly your enquiry, your helpful guide is there to assist.

Access to sights and experiences you might not enjoy otherwise

When travelling with a travel guide, you often enjoy access to things you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

For instance, travel with Bio Bio and, under the expert leadership of your Patagonia travel guide, you will experience an amazing and authentic Futaleufu River Rafting Adventure where you will fully live the beauty, culture and magic of Patagonia. You’ll also get to explore Torres Del Paine National Park in Patagonia or hike Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina or join us for Flyfishing in Chile.

Insider knowledge about the culture and surroundings

One of the first and most important benefits of hiring an experienced travel guide is the opportunity to learn about the culture from someone on the inside.

When your travel guides have extensive knowledge of the areas where the travel company offers excursions they’ll be more than happy to share their cultural, wildlife, geologic, and environmental insights with you.

When it comes to the culture, your tour company will provide the staff with the most experience with the region you’re visiting, in many cases, this will include locals from the region. They’ll be able to explain the local culture – who the people are, their history, and their practices – from an insider perspective. They will also make sure you, as a foreigner in a new place, don’t feel so out of place.

Tried and tested best of a destination

No matter the travel company you choose, they’ll have utilised years of tried and tested research and experience to put together the best itinerary.

Good tour companies hire locals, or professionals who have logged significant time and local knowledge that can give you the best insider information available. As a result, they’ll be able to provide you with the best experiences, from food to lodging to excursions and adventures such as our incredible Peru guided tours which are the culmination of over 20 years of frequent river rafting and trekking. Peru is a “home away from home” for us and our hiking tours and excursions in Peru under the superb leadership of our Machu Pichu guide ensure that we’re able to share some of Peru’s best kept secrets and treasures with you.

You can trust a good tour company to show you the VERY BEST of a destination.

Knowledgable problem solving and increased security

In some places of the world, the bureaucracy and red tape make it difficult for a foreigner to get anywhere; in other places, it’s simply not safe to travel alone. For many travellers – and especially solo travellers – the value of having a local expert show them around and negotiate with the locals is priceless.

Of course, the added security of 1. knowing where you’re going, and 2. having a knowledgable, experienced individual with you when you explore means added security. No one plans to get robbed or kidnapped, but it’s much less likely with a local guide at your side.

Bio Bio is a world-class adventure tourism company offering 5-star guided outdoor adventure tours all over the world. Where do you want to go? We can take you there!

Why 2020 is a Great Year to Plan Your Family Vacation with BBX!

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2020 is your year to make some serious memories and plan THE family vacation – a one-of-a-kind BBX rafting adventure – no one will ever forget!

When people think of international rafting adventures or any rafting adventure for that matter, it’s typical to assume that the world-class rapids we tour are so challenging and dangerous as to be only for athletic, risk-seeking adults.

Not so! While some of our trips are better suited to those with more experience on advanced whitewater, many of the adventures we offer are perfect for the whole family – kids of a certain age, of course!

So, as you ponder your family vacation options for 2020, we urge you to consider a trip that takes you off the beaten track. Plan a vacation that has it all and will be sure to thrill and delight the spouse and kids!

A Bio Bio trip offers your entire family fun, adventure, cultural and education experiences, unique tours and side-trips, and plenty of quality time too, of course.

Reasons to plan your next family vacation with BBX

We can sum up why Bio Bio is a great choice for a family vacation in only a few points:

  • Beautiful, scenic exotic destinations
  • Terrific, expert guides
  • Great food!
  • Exceptional accommodations

But, a BBX excursion offers more than even that. Those who have traveled with BBX share with us that a Bio Bio adventure is about the discovery of not only wilderness, but of themselves, and about renewing their enthusiasm for life.

They say it’s to be far away and yet feel totally at home… and to return to find their lives and perspectives changed forever.

It’s also about the magical chemistry of shared adventure and the camaraderie.

Imagine sharing all of this with your loved ones!

We are a full-service adventure travel company. This means that our trips aren’t limited to rafting adventures. We are proud to provide the most diverse and remarkable experiences available in the regions we tour.

Our expert leadership ensures your family’s safety and fun!

Our Bio Bio adventure vacations are led by a crew of international rafting, kayaking, and trekking superstars who are establishing a new standard of excellence in the outdoor adventure industry.

They are known for their friendly, caring hospitality and their knowledge of the culture, history, and ecology in the many countries we visit. Safety is always a priority.

Choose your dream family vacation Bio Bio trip… if you can!

At Bio Bio Expeditions, our team is closely tied together by a true desire to make your adventure with us pure magic.

The locations and itineraries offered have been tried and tested to provide you the best experience possible. Our dedicated guides will make you feel at home wherever you find your ideal destination. We have been cultivating partner relationships around the globe for decades to bring you and unforgettable adventure you’ll be recounting for years after.

With every trip we aim to exceed your expectations and offer you an authentic, unique journey to some of the planet’s most astonishing places. Whether you are rafting through the Cotahuasi River’s canyon in southern Peru, hiking the Inca trail, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, trekking in Torres del Paine in Patagonia or paddling the azure clear waters of the Futaleufu River in Chile, our goal is that you and your family will have the most exceptional and memorable experience with us!

You’ll find the hardest part about booking a trip with Bio Bio is deciding upon the destination.

To find out more information, and for help choosing the best trip for you and your family in 2020, please CONTACT US today!


6 Reasons to Raft the Zambezi River with Bio Bio Expeditions

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Follow in the footsteps of Stanley Livingstone and join us at Victoria Falls for a trip down the Zambezi!

Bio Bio Expeditions returns to the Zambezi River almost every year – we love it!

From your first dip into the Devil’s pool overlooking the Victoria Falls through to the huge rapids of the Zambezi, your Africa whitewater adventure is a once in a lifetime adventure you’ll never forget.

The Zambezi is a quintessential African river meandering from Angola to the Indian ocean, flowing between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa.

Starting in 1989, Bio Bio Expeditions co-owners Marc and Laurence spent three seasons working as full-time guides on the Zambezi River. Together, they have accrued over 300 descents of the mighty Zambezi.

As members of the competitive rafting team, Team California, returning often to compete on the Zambezi in an international whitewater competition hosted in Africa, they forged lifelong friendships and partnerships with many locals Africans.

Still today, they draw upon those strong, long-standing relationships with local Africans to help make our Zambezi rafting adventure vacations so magical.

6 Reasons You MUST Raft the Zambezi with Bio Bio!

A wonderful Bio Bio Expeditions African adventure awaits! If you’re needing a little extra convincing, here are six great reasons you should consider a Bio Bio adventure down the epic Zambezi:

  1. The highest concentration of Grade Five rapids in a 25 kilometre stretch in the world. A Grade 5 river, the Zambezi is the highest grade a river can be categorized for white water rafting – as wet and wild as it gets!
  2. Rafting between two countries – Zimbabwe and Botswana. We explore the various facets of the Zambezi watershed in the region and enjoy the rich history of game viewing and preservation in this uniquely “veldt” like terrain. Botswana boasts a highly developed and protected national park system allowing the wildlife to thrive. The elephant herds of Botswana and Zimbabwe are among the largest and most protected of Africa. Game viewing in this area is some of the world’s best, as we’ll be off the beaten path and you’ll not be overwhelmed with the many tourists often found in East Africa.
  3. Pool drop river system gives unrivaled action offering breathtaking peace and beauty. An incredible backdrop, the Victoria Falls are considered the boundary between the upper and middle Zambezi. For the next 500 km the river serves as the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Below the Falls the river continues to flow due east for about 200 km (120miles), cutting through gorges of basalt rock between 200 to 250 metres (660 to 820ft) high. The river drops 250m over the next 200 km before entering Lake Kariba. The Kariba Dam which was completed in 1959 is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world and the hydroelectric power generated provides electricity for much of Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  4. A Wildlife Canoe Safari where we’ll see elephant, zebra, bushbuck, kudu, Cape buffalo, ubiquitous baboons, impala, and the occasional bush duiker. The bird life is an ornithologist’s dream come true, with the various ibis and Trumpeter Horn Bill as a highlight. In the river, roughly a mile wide at times and often channels around sand banks and reed islands, is the habitat for hippopotami and the patient crocodile. After sundown, we see and hear a range of nocturnal creatures: lions, leopards and the rare wild dog, to name only a few.
  5. Chobe National Park, in northern Botswana, has one of the largest concentrations of game in Africa. Often described the best wildlife-viewing area in Africa today, Chobe boasts one of the highest concentrations of wildlife left on the African continent. A major feature of Chobe National Park is its elephant population currently estimated at around 120,000.
  6. Elegant safari lodges and camps with amazing wildlife! Equipped with luxury tented suites, each with private decks and plunge pools amidst unspoiled wilderness, you’ll rest and relax in unpretentious safari camps, offering a true “African Safari Experience”. No trip to Africa is complete without staying in some of the finest, luxury safari lodges with ample opportunity for incredible game viewing.

We have designed all of our itineraries on the Zambezi so our guests can experience the beauty of all aspects of the Zambezi: the calm Upper section, the wild whitewater of Batoka Gorge, and the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls.

Interested in joining us on a unique Whitewater Rafting trip to the Zambezi in Africa? Find out more HERE!

Your Bucket List Whitewater Rafting Adventure!

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Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? There’s nothing like rushing waters to get the adrenaline pumping and memories making!

Our international rafting adventures offer spectacular scenery, the thrill of world-class whitewater, and the extraordinary experience of venturing to exotic locales that few ever do.

While we love ALL of our adventures, each unique and exciting in their own way, we’ve compiled a few faves to add to your bucket list. Break out your dry bag and strap on the sunnies, ‘cause you’re in for a fun and wild ride!


Futaleufu River Rafting Multi Sport

Futaleufu Chile, Patagonia Adventure

Experience the unforgettable!

One the world’s most acclaimed rafting rivers, the Futaleufu in the heart of Patagonia, Chile offers rapids (rated from Class II-V) of glorious turquoise water beneath towering snow-capped mountains and breathtaking glaciers.

For nine days, our gorgeous Futaleufu Adventure Base Camp overlooking the river will become your home-away-from-home, nestled into the cliff overlooking the river.

Comfort is key and with all that’s in store you’ll need a good night’s rest! Enjoy your own luxurious “safari-style” tented bungalow, complete with comfy mattresses and cozy down comforters.

Look forward to waking up each morning to a hot cup of coffee or tea, delivered to your luxurious “safari-style” tented bungalow door, as you anticipate the day’s fun!

Anticipate an exciting combination of activities guided by some of the most accomplished and talented international outdoor guides.

And it’s not just about the rafting! While we know that’s what brought you, there are a number of other great things to try and do on the water: inflatable kayaking on the Rio Azul, fishing for Patagonia rainbow trout, or take a lesson in whitewater kayaking.

Ready for some fun on shore? Take advantage of hiking or horseback riding up pristine valleys and mountain biking the wide range of trails available – ox-trails and single track.

There’s also plenty of time for R ’n R at our deluxe Base Camp. Enjoy some great lounging time during your stay with hot tub, sauna, massage, wine tasting, sunset bar, gourmet cuisine, and more!

Did we mention the Salsa dancing under the Southern Cross? Or, just simply relax by the campfire with a cup of tea. It’s up to you!

To learn more or to BOOK this vacation of a lifetime, visit the Futaleufu River Rafting Tour page.


Zambezi Explorer

Zambezi River Rafting Adventure

A once in a lifetime African adventure!

This beautiful and memorable twelve days will have you braving the epic rapids of the Zambezi River, exploring the game parks of Zimbabwe and Botswana, while getting your much needed rest in the comfort and elegance of safari lodges and camps.

Internationally acclaimed as one of the best locations for white water rafting, the mighty Zambezi, a quintessential African river – immense whitewater while being warm and friendly – meanders from Angola to the Indian ocean. It is best experienced towards the end of the dry season, August through October, where you can witness a variety of animals and game making their way to the riverbank to drink, swim, and frolic in the shallows.

We’ll visit Zimbabwe and Botswana, exploring the many facets of the Zambezi watershed in the region. There is a rich history of game viewing and preservation in this uniquely “veldt” like terrain.

With a highly evolved and protected national park system, the wildlife of Botswana is allowed to thrive and the elephant herds of Botswana and Zimbabwe are among the largest and most protected in Africa.

The opportunities to view game in this area are abundant and, at the same time, you’ll not find yourself overrun by the enthusiastic herds of tourists often found in East Africa.

This experience is truly spectacular. From your first dip into the Devil’s pool overlooking Victoria Falls, to watching elephants roam wild, to the massive rapids of the river, your rich and vibrant Zambezi adventure is sure to provide you with stories and memories to last a lifetime!

To learn more or to BOOK this vacation of a lifetime, visit the Zambezi River Rafting Explorer page.


Costa Rica Multi Sport

Costa Rica Wildlife Adventure

Explore, relax and get to know the real Costa Rica – a journey to paradise!

Another multi activity adventure that easily makes the bucket list is a journey to one of the most friendly and beautiful little countries in the Western Hemisphere: Costa Rica, or in English, aptly, Rich Coast. Truly paradise!

Eleven wondrous days of travel off the beaten path with world-class rafting on the magical Pacuare River. Through lush tropical rainforests to secluded wilderness lodges and beaches, there’s no better way to explore the unspoiled parts of this precious gem of a nation.

Touching down in the capital, San Jose, we fly directly to world-famous Corcovado National Park and the Cano Island Biological Reserve. Identified by the National Geographic Society as “one of the most biologically intense places on earth”, this area is truly a paradise of tropical wilderness and picture-perfect beaches.

Abundant with spectacular wildlife which includes crocodiles, exotic parrots, toucans, and several species of monkeys, you will enjoy guided hikes by resident naturalists and boat excursions with snorkelling.

Your home for the Corcovado leg will be the spectacular La Paloma Lodge, one of the best regarded eco-lodges in Costa Rica and only a short walk from secluded black-sand beaches and the cool waters of the Agujitas River.

Off to Rafiki Jungle Lodge, inspired by deluxe wildlife lodges of Africa, in the scenic and beautiful Sevegre River Valley. Here, among activities such as hiking with a naturalist, horseback riding, bird and wildlife watching, your first whitewater experience will be a beautiful class 3 paddle down the Savegre River.

This raft should prepare you for the piece de resistance of Costa Rica whitewater rafting: the Pacuare River. Rated one of the top rivers in the world, you’ll enjoy experiencing the rainforest up close, with warm waters, cascading waterfalls, and the spectacularly lush rainforest with its brilliantly coloured plants, animals, and birds – truly a treat for all the senses!

Rest ’n relax at remote eco-lodge, Rios Tropicales, nestled in the rainforest on the banks of the Pacuare River. Here you can appreciate luxury complete with hydro-powered electricity, the model of ecotourism and deluxe accommodations.

To learn more or to BOOK this Central America vacation of a lifetime, visit the Costa Rica Adventure Sport & Travel page.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine Selects our Zambezi trip as 50 Tours of a Life Time – 2009

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“Every year, the editorial team combs the world to find the most
authentic, most innovative, most immersive, best-guided, and most
sustainable tours,” notes senior editor Norie Quintos. “This year, we
wanted to make sure that the trips we picked were also a great value,
given the economic climate. What we found is that there is no better
time to go on a guided tour than now as the traditional savings offered
by an outfitter being able to negotiate better rates on a trip’s
components is magnified by cheaper airfares, a strengthened dollar, and
more discounts, freebies, and extras.”

Raft the Zambezi
Eastwood vividly recalls the exhilaration she felt on this trip after
rafting the mighty Zambezi with its Class IV and V rapids stacked up at
almost one per mile. “We were rounding the bend and started hearing this
music. The people who live on the hill above where our camp was that
night had come down and were singing and dancing in our honor. We pulled
the boats up onto the rocks and joined them.” The outfitter has long
had a stake in Zimbabwe and its people—to the extent of helping local
river guides launch a kayak rental business. Bio Bio Expeditions:
“Zambezi Explorer, Zimbabwe,” 13 days; $3,700.

Report from the Zambezi trip September 2006

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Laurence and i were sitting above rapid number 5 on the Zambezi just
last week and realized its been 17 years since we first guided on the
Zambezi and here we are again dropping into the best rapids in the
world. We thanked the Zambezi river god Nyami Nyami for all the safe
passages,we peeled out of the eddy, and dropped into number 5 with huge
smiles! We co-trip lead our September 16th Zambezi trip and lead 22
people down the mighty Zambezi. The trip went off without a hitch and
everyone had a great time.

I realize there has been alot of bad news
coming out of Zimbabwe but the country is still safe as ever, the people
are some of the friendliest and most helpful in the world and this is
still a great time to visit Zimbabwe. Tourism has dropped off because of
all the bad economic news, but there is no resistance movement in
Zimbabwe and the locals are depending more than ever on the tourist
dollar.In fact this is even a better time to go because it is less
crowded and you get more personal service. We have considered moving our
base to Zambia on the other side of the river but for now everything is
still a go in Zimbabwe! In many ways it is like returning home for us
because we have made so many good friends and contacts in Zimbabwe.

Bio Expeditions along with the help of a few clients brought over a
handful of kayaks and all the necessary gear and started a free kayak
school for any local that wants to learn to kayak. This will provide a
fresh stream of new talented kayakers able to work and provide safety
for future rafting expeditions.

Our trips are planned for
September 2007 and we hope that if you have ever dreamed of rafting and
going on safari in Africa you will join us in 2007!

Warmest regards,
Marc Goddard

Alex Nicks and high water Zambezi

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Long time Bio Bio guide Alex Nicks talks about running the Zambezi at record high water, solo! 

Most people will have seen footage of the Zambezi and it’s
famous huge volume pool drop rapids. 
Of the many facets that makes the river so special a significant one is
its variation in flow. Victoria Falls is Approximately mid way through the
2500km course of the Zambezi and with natural flows rising during the rainy
season or ebbing during the dry season. This means that over 12 months the
White Water section below the Falls is always either rising or falling with a
vertical cycle of over 8 metres in some places in the gorge.

The result is that the world famous run occurs at the low
ebb of this cycle but as rains bring it up the upper section (rapids 1-10)
become commercially un-runnable. There are two reasons for this. Mainly because
the pools disappear and the raging, thunderous volume of water causes huge
boils and whirlpools that would swallow rafts and paying clients. Specifically
because the level means that the one portage (rapid no 9) can now no longer be
portaged. Putting in at rapid 1 commits you to a class 5+(++) rapid.

It can however be run by a kayak. And after finding myself
in the Zimbabwe for a shoot it’s too hard to pass up a run on this upper
section. Unfortunately I can’t find any one to go with me. Most of the river
staff are working in other countries as the commercial rafting is closed due to
the level and the locals are perhaps just too wise.

It’s always a dilemma deciding to solo. But sometimes
opportunities like being next to the Zambezi are just too good to pass up,
curiosity outweighs wisdom and I know this section too. So on the 18th
July I put in at rapid one on my own. The Porters who carried my boat in wish
me luck and wander off squabbling over the fist full of Kwatcha notes I’ve
given them.  I know their look,
they can’t quite work out if I’m mad but they’ve seen me here before so are
expectant that they’ll at least earn some more money carrying my boat out of
the gorge at the take out.

These huge flows mean I can’t even see the falls as I push
away from the boiling pot as spray 350ft high drifts though from the cascade to
the head of rapid one. It’s a quick hop across the cushion wave at rapid one
and I’m on my way, buoyed in confidence by the feel of the warm water across my
face and the rainbow formed by the mist from the falls. There are major hurdles
along this run, rapids 5, 7, the narrows at 7and a half, but at every stage of
this run Rapid 9, the commercial portage is at the back of my mind. If getting
there is a challenge, then certainly rapid 9 is the gauntlet.

It’s clichéd, but life is nothing without taking risks and
finding challenges. And none are more valuable than calculated risks based on
years of skill, experience and the odd arse kicking. Today I run Solo but I’m
with everything I ever leaned, I’m carrying all the confidence from years of
paddling with a huge array of paddlers on diverse runs around the world. Today
we’ll find out if that’s worth anything.

To see how it went …watch the footage from my head cam on
the short film ‘Solo’ at