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As the World Opens So Do the Opportunities for Adventure Travel!

..Adventure travel is back! We are sending guests all over the world on amazing adventures once again.

We began ramping our adventure travel experiences this past summer and the momentum continues well into the autumn. In fact, the first trip of the 22/23 Futaleufu season – December on the Fu! –  just sold out! Don’t hesitate to make your plans because, after almost two years of being at home, folks are eager to get out and play again!

And they’re looking to Bio Bio Expeditions to provide the most exhilarating and fun – AND SAFE! – experiences to welcome them back into the world of adventure travel. Several of our most popular destinations are now available to book your adventure vacation of a lifetime.

Take a look at the incredible locales coming back online – and join us!


For over 25 years we’ve been trekking and running rivers in Peru – multiple trips a year. And, boy, have we missed it!

We dare you not to fall in love with all the incredible wonders: the landscape, the culture, the history. To provide the very best experience possible, we rely on the relationships we’ve nurtured throughout these many years, not the least of which is that with one of Peru’s “first families” of adventure, the Vellutino brothers.

These adventurous brothers, among the first white water kayakers in Peru, have explored almost every waterway and trail in their beloved country. Thanks to the close relationship we have fostered with this incredible band of intrepid adventurers, we’re able to provide the most unique, authentic, memorable, and satisfying Peru adventure travel experiences. It makes us very distinct from other adventure travel operators.

Our Peru adventure travel trips have been featured in National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Archaeology and National Geographic Traveler. And we take great pride to have run the first commercial descent of the Cotahuasi River – an adventure featured in Outside Magazine. 

Choose your journey! We offer a multitude of adventures from rafting to trekking to horseback riding to archaeological and cultural experiences. Join us and be blown away by all the very best of all Peru has to offer in one of our exceptional multi-sport adventures.  Explore some of Peru’s best-kept treasures and secrets, by land and by water, as you revel in just the right amount of luxury, on the vacation of a lifetime.

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The Galápagos Islands (Ecuador)

The joy of surprise! The Galápagos Islands in Ecuador offer up the unusual and exotic in abundance! There are few adventures that can compare when you consider the sheer number of unique and friendly creatures that live in the wilds of the Galápagos. Spur your sense of wonder as you explore the islands and enjoy what can only be described as intense privilege communing with creatures that don’t run or fly away when humans approach.

The animals of the Galápagos Island archipelago tend to be quite fearless given the lack of natural predators. From the world’s only seagoing lizards to flightless cormorants and penguins, flamingos, frigate birds, albatross, clownish boobies, patriarchal giant tortoises, and 13 species of Darwin finches, there is no shortage of thrilling encounters to be had! It’s truly a surreal experience to witness such a variety of creatures — in such large numbers and so very close –  completely at ease with human visitors.

Choose a land-based adventure or luxury cruise! As part of a cruise or as a stand-alone destination, the Galapagos Safari Camp is a great way to experience the Galápagos. Relax in our eco-luxury tent camp – one of the first in Latin America – inspired by the African safari tradition in which our guests enjoy complete comfort under canvas amidst the wonders of nature.

Alternatively, our Galapagos Island adventure travel vacation by luxury yacht offers extraordinary opportunities to swim and snorkel amongst a multitude of marine mammals – sea lions, fur seals, dolphins, and manta, eagle and golden rays. Swim amidst thousands of among the 300 species of vividly colourful fish and, for the more fearless, friendly Galápagos sharks – hammerheads and white-tipped reef sharks. Of course, you’ll likely see marine turtles and even whales. Needless to say, you’re sure to be awed by the seemingly limitless splendours beneath the sea! Experience land creatures, too! Visit the shore and hike among the infamous Galápagos lizards, tortoises, and seals!

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Chile – Patagonia and The Fu!

We bring almost three decades of experience and expertise in adventure travel in Chile. We want you to enjoy the very best adventure possible in Patagonia.

Travel with us on the ultimate Futaleufu River Rafting Adventure where you will be immersed in the rare beauty, culture, and majesty of Patagonia. Not only do we provide the best in whitewater rafting but you will experience the ultimate in riverside elegance on the Fu.

Adventure and adrenaline! Exhilarating rafting on the Futaleufú and Rio Azul to horseback riding up pristine and breathtaking glacier-fed river valleys, the daily yoga classes at camp or a relaxing massage; mountain biking or soaking in our hot tub on the river with a glass of fine Chilean wine; we will satisfy your drive for adventure and exploration and your need to relax.

And we cater to all levels of experience and can create the ultimate Futaleufu or Patagonia adventure to suit your needs. Choose your adventure!

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Costa Rica adventure travel

Come with us as we wander off the well-travelled tourist trails and explore the lesser-known and unspoiled Costa Rica!

Our Costa Rica Multi-sport adventure vacation offers 11 days of travel through lush tropical rainforests to secluded wilderness lodges and beaches. It includes hiking, snorkelling and scuba and rafting the world-class Pacuare River – one of the most magical rivers on the planet!

Rest and rejuvenate in spectacular eco-lodges. Relax amidst the unique and vibrant richness and magnificence of the tropical jungle. You’ll find a true sanctuary in which to connect with nature.


Explore the French Alps and discover France! Join us in Provence or trek the Mt. Blanc Circuit.

Our hikes through Provence and the French Riviera offer the most unique way to experience the quaintness of the countryside and villages of Southern France. Of course, no trip to France would be complete without food and wine! Enjoy plenty of fine cuisine and local wines as you traverse the singular, breathtaking landscape of the Mediterranean.

Enjoy one of the worlds’ best-known walks through the French Alps on the Mt. Blanc Circuit as you pass Europe’s highest peak. Our expert and experienced local guides will share the geology, the history, and wonderful insights into the local culture.

Every Bio Bio Expedition includes incredible accommodations and our adventures in France are no exception. Take in the beauty and majesty of Europe by day and a charming place to rest and rejuvenate by night. Oh, and carry only what you need each day! A support van will ensure that your bags are transported to meet you at each destination.

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Africa – Zimbabwe adventure travel

Zimbabwe is the first African destination to open up to travellers.

Almost every year until the pandemic, Bio Bio Expeditions has made the Zambezi River rafting adventure a must! The Zambezi flows between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa and is the fourth largest river basin of the continent.

Over the many years of touring here, we’ve forged lifelong friendships and partnerships with many locals Africans. These relationships are invaluable in creating Zambezi rafting adventure vacations that are downright magical.

Our Zambezi itineraries is designed to ensure you experience all of the incredibly beautiful and wondrous facets of the Zambezi. We visit the calm Upper section, the wild whitewater of Batoka Gorge, and the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls.

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Be sure to check in with us as more of our incredible destinations begin to open!

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