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The 2 Ws of Ultimate Adventure: Water and Wildlife. Your Guided Travel Excursion of a Lifetime!

Imagine your ultimate guided travel excursion – incredible scenery and wildlife viewing. That’s the BBX experience!

Cruise the epic Galapagos Islands. Take in lush tropical rainforests, gorgeous beaches, and world-class rafting in Costa Rica. Sea kayak the azure waters of the Sea of Cortez off the coast of Baja, Mexico. Gorgeous scenery to be sure, but also incredible opportunities to view the local wildlife in its natural habitat.

A Bio Bio guided travel excursion offers the best in not only outdoor and water adventure, but tremendous wildlife viewing as well. Return home with memories to last a lifetime but photos, too!

Galapagos Islands Small Yacht Cruise

An incredible guided travel excursion – experience the joy of observing animals in the wild who don’t fly or run away when humans approach!

When you cruise the Galapagos with Bio Bio Expeditions, there is no shortage of wondrous and amazing experiences ding time with creatures that don’t run or fly away when humans approach.

The Galapagos are a natural treasure. Experience a sense of awe and wonder every day with your outstanding and expert natural history guide. Exciting hiking trips each day through remarkable natural habitats in this unmatched spectacle of wildlife.

Watch the world’s only sea-going lizards, flightless cormorants, and penguins, flamingos, inflatable frigate birds, the waved albatross, clownish boobies, patriarchal giant tortoises, and 13 species of Darwin finches. Thrilling encounters with wildlife –up close and in large numbers!

This unique and exciting expedition often provides astonishing opportunities to swim with marine mammals. Safely enjoy encounters with sea lions, fur seals, dolphins, and manta, eagle, and golden rays, not to mention the 300 species of vibrant and colorful fish.

Travel in style! Aboard the deluxe “Coral II” motor yacht, you’ll enjoy a peaceful luxury with a maximum of only 18 people – the ideal way to explore these enchanting islands.

Take advantage of the option of SCUBA!
If you are a certified diver who wants to scuba the best diving sites in the Galapagos Islands, you can add a diving tour with professional masters and instructors to your Galapagos itinerary. Many divers consider the Galapagos Islands to be some of the best diving experiences of their careers.

Witness sharks feeding, playful sea lions, and diverse volcanic formations deep beneath the surface. Our diving experience is the most rewarding complementary activity for those who know the secret of the underwater world.

Please find out more to make your Galapagos dreams come true!

Guided travel excursion with Costa Rica Multi-Sport

This is your opportunity to escape the beaten path and explore the unspoiled and largely unknown gifts that Costa Rica has to offer. Travel through lush tropical rainforests to secluded wilderness lodges and beaches. Raft one of the most magical rivers on the planet – the world-class Pacuare River.

We travel to Corcovado National Park – a paradise of tropical wilderness and beaches, cataloged by the National Geographic Society as “one of the most biologically intense places on Earth!”

If wildlife is your jam, you’ll be amazed every day with the spectacular viewing. You’ll see several species of monkeys, crocodiles, exotic parrots, toucans, and more – an incredible diversity of species.

You’ll be guided by resident naturalists on a variety of hiking and boat excursions, with snorkeling, too. Stay at the spectacular La Paloma Lodge in Corcovado. Regarded as one of the best eco-lodges in Costa Rica, it is but a short walk from the cool waters of Agujitas River and secluded black-sand beaches.

The guided trip includes traveling through beautiful mangroves into the jungle where you’ll stay at a deluxe jungle lodge, patterned after the luxury African wildlife lodges. With our expert naturalist guides, explore by foot or horseback, the surrounding jungle, bird- and wildlife viewing at its best.

Explore, raft, relax, and get to know the real Costa Rica!

Baja Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching Adventure

Experience the Sea of Cortez like never before – a truly breathtaking sight where the dramatic southeastern landscape of Baja California Sur disappears into the bright blue ocean. Boasting a diverse variety of wildlife, the desert ridges and canyons around Loreto and the nearby islands and reefs teem with life.

From the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range to the idyllic coastline, Baja California Sur is a natural paradise for adventurous travelers.

Join us February and early March of each year, to witness first-hand the whale migration of Baja California Sur! Watch Humpback Whales, Blue Whales, Gray Whales, Sperm Whales, Fin Whales, and other species who traverse the Sea of Cortez.

Enjoy incredible kayaking with daily excursions in our panga, a motorized support boat that can get us into the Blue Whale Triangle in no time. These majestic creatures are the largest animal on earth, and viewing them close-up is a breathtaking experience, to say the least.

Whale watching like nowhere else! CONTACT US to learn more!

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