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Portrait of Patagonia – Adventure Travel in Beautiful Pictures!

Patagonia adventure travel inspiration at its most beautiful and heartfelt, Portrait of Patagonia highlights everything we love about this expedition.

Wondering what Patagonia adventure travel is all about? Perhaps you’re simply fascinated with this incredible region of the world?  Regardless, we’ve got the inspiration – in breathtaking imagery and words – you’re looking for.

Long time Bio Bio Expeditions guides and associates, Liz McGregor and Alex Nicks have documented their passion for Patagonia and the Futaleufú River Valley in their beautiful book, Portrait of Patagonia – Futaleufú, Chile. In 194 pages of this full colour, hardcover edition is a heartfelt love letter to this region and its people. It’s an intimate record of Patagonia adventure travel and life in this remote valley.

This is a downright breathtaking collection of imagery – dramatic landscapes, local vignettes, and photographs from the Futaleufú River. With their unique perspective, Liz and Alex have captured the serenity and the splendour that we know and love about this spectacular place.

A remarkable Patagonia adventure travel collaboration

Portrait of Patagonia – Futaleufú, Chile truly captures the singular essence of Chilean Patagonia – a uniquely wonderful collaboration between Liz and Alex. It’s a full-colour photography book that draws both upon sensitive and insightful stories from locals and stirring images from Chile’s Futaleufú River Valley.

Futaleufú encompasses the river, of course, as well as many villages and towns.  All are defined by the legendary warmth of the local people as much as by the intense and rugged beauty of the vast yet serene landscape.

The lure of the legendary Futaleufú River, or The Fu: the clarity and colour of the water, the lush forest on its banks, the speed and volume of water and the technicality of her rapids. It’s what put this Valley on the map. Now a world-class whitewater rafting destination, the Futaleufú River has attracted river runners from around the world and Patagonia adventure travellers for decades. But, it’s more than just the river.

It’s the people that make this place truly special. Throughout the book, Liz and Lex offer you a glimpse into the heart of life in Futaleufú. Enjoy personal interviews accompanied by striking portrait photography. Portrait of Patagonia – Futaleufú, Chile honours the culture, traditions, and history of this extraordinary place in Chilean Patagonia.

If you’d like more information about Portrait of Patagonia – Futaleufú, Chile or if you’d like to purchase, please CLICK HERE!

Explore Patagonia in person!

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Raft The Fu or explore glacier-fed river valleys by horseback. Revel in a relaxing massage or daily yoga classes. Enjoy an exhilarating mountain bike. And don’t forget to unwind from your adventures with a delicious soak in our riverside hot tub with a glass of fine Chilean wine. With so much to offer, we’ve got the perfect combination of activity and relaxation on the very same adventure.

With almost three decades of experience running Patagonia adventure travel experiences, the depth and breadth of our expertise and experience provide the very best vacation to the Futaleufú River Valley.  Join us on an amazing and authentic Futaleufu River Rafting Adventure where, first hand you can live the beauty, culture and magic of The Fu!

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